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CNG Expanding with 2016 Ford F-Series and Personal Boats in NC

The CNG market keeps on growing. Landi RenzoUSA, a Ford QVM, earlier this month announced offerings of CARB certified dediticated CNG systems for the 2016MY Ford Super Duty series. With more options available to truck dealers it gives a boost to the overall vision of CNG infrastructure across The United States. The more CNG Trucks that are on the road the more the demand will be for dependable fueling stations. Click on the link for more information.


Another exciting development is coming out of Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Blue Gas Marine is taking a big leap of faith in selling conversions for boats. The enviromental impact is huge. With no risk of gas spills into the water and heavily reduced emissions it is a great way to be green for both small commerical and personal boats. Another great benefit is that after the initial cost of converting your boat to CNG is the much reduced fuel cost compared to prices as marinas for Gas and Diesel. The continued challenge of fueling statins available as this demand grows will be a concern but as demand grows the infrastructure can be built. Click on the link for more informaiton about Blue Gas Marine.